More than 45 million patient interactions per year

GetWellNetwork has developed an innovative care model with patient engagement as a core strategy for performance improvement. Interactive Patient Care (IPC) combines the tools, process and people to activate patients in their care, transform clinical practice and advance key performance measures.

It’s working. Evidence-based data demonstrates that IPC is dramatically improving patient satisfaction, clinical outcomes and financial performance — from significant increases in HCAHPS to reductions in 30-day readmissions and average length of stay.

With the need to activate patients across diverse care settings — inpatient, ambulatory and home — GetWellNetwork expands the possibilities of personalized engagement to address each challenge. We help organizations deliver the right intervention to the right patient at the right time, aligning accountable and transformative care anywhere.

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A Personalized Patient Experience

GetWellNetwork employs key design and usability best practices to create unique user experiences for kids, adults and the elderly population. These unique experiences address the distinct strengths and challenges of varying patient demographics. A personalized patient experience enhances system utilization improving the patient's knowledge and motivation to take part in their care.



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Engage Patients with Patient Pathways

Only GetWellNetwork offers Patient Pathways that guide each patient through a unique set of tasks and education relevant to their condition. Patient Pathways invite meaningful interactions by leveraging patient-specific data pulled from the various hospital information systems. Many common care tasks are streamlined such as patient discharge, medication teaching, patient education and pain management. This tailored and engaging experience involves patients in the care process for improved satisfaction and outcomes.



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Management Tools for Efficient, Effective Workflow

GetWellNetwork provides tools to help nurses and clinicians manage the patient’s needs, education and overall experience. Managing important care tasks can be performed at the bedside using QuickCare while education videos can be ordered from the nurse station. Outcomes and utilization reports from the Management Console help to inform staff on making decisions that impact patients and hospitals.



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Engage Patients anywhere with myGetWellNetwork

Using mobile devices, computers and televisions, myGetWellNetwork enables hospitals to engage patients beyond the hospital walls. myGetWellNetwork plays a key role in helping hospitals perform effective care transitions and post-discharge care that satisfies Meaningful Use requirements. With myGetWellNetwork patients remain more actively involved in their care for a healthier, more satisfied patient.




GetWellNetwork is proud to partner with leading clinical, operational and technology organizations to create a network of solutions and services that GetWellNetwork delivers award-winning educational content, best practice care processes and a reliable technology infrastructure.